Thursday, September 20, 2007

FU Alan Greenspan

Time to shill your book so you finally come out and say what we all know is and was true about this administration.

Too little too late.

Go Away.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Officially Suck


2 months without posting in what has been 2 of the busiest months in a looooong time.

I have forgotten so many amazing things that Grace has said these past months.

we moved upstate, Sarah saw a bear, Grace started school, I started work again, my show won an Emmy, Grace and I developed an intricate new tickling game involving declarations of "I don't love Daddy" (don't wory, it is only temporary), I bought an old cheap truck, my best male friend went to the Emmys and apprently was on TV every few seconds, I chave chopped enough firewood to heat my whole county, I bought a Prius (wow it really has ben a long time), I illegally downloaded the new Springsteen album, I bought tickets to the Springsteen show in Albany, I have immersed my family in the new Springsteen record (Grace just loves Gypsy Biker). The list is endless. Life truly does get in the way.

I will try and do better.